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Art Song Central is principally an archive and directory of free, printable public domain sheet music for singers and voice teachers. An emphasis is placed on standard classical and traditional repertoire.

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More than 250 songs have individual posts which provide additional information about each song, including the range and text of each song and resources like MP3 and MIDI files, when known. You can browse these in the Song Index. (These songs will also show up in site searches.) See Songs and Sources for other ways to browse these posts, including by language or general range.

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Thousands of songs are referenced in the Sources directory, all of which are either instantly downloadable as part of a collection or in process of being added to the site. One can either browse the sources, or search the site for a specific song.

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IPA transcriptions are now available for every German, French, Italian and Latin song in the index. While most of the song posts have not yet been updated to reflect this, the transcriptions can be downloaded from the post announcing the availability of IPA files for the entire collection. Please do note that these files were automatically generated, and may contain mistakes…

There are a lot of ways I could improve the site, but I have not had the time or resources.

Finally, please note that many of the free resources offered by Art Song Central are produced from material that is in the Public Domain in the United States, but which may still be in copyright in other countries. Copyright laws vary throughout the world, so please abide by local laws when using this material.

This is still the source of How to have a real-time rehearsal while remaining physically distant. Here, I documented my experiments in using live sound equipment to facilitate real-time ensemble and collaborative rehearsals. The method was profiled in the NY Times, NPR and on the front page of the LA Times and many other outlets. There is now a documentary about the many choirs who used it to continue to sing together during the height of the pandemic.