Anthology of French Song

This is one of a series of posts about books used as source material for Art Song Central.

Book Title: Anthology of French Song
Editor: Max Spicker
Publisher: G. Schirmer
Copyright: 1912

This entire anthology is also available for download in both High and Low voice editions at The Internet Archive, as well as a High voice edition at Google Books.


  • Bachelet Chère Nuit
  • Bizet Vieille Chanson
  • Bruneau L’Heureux Vagabond
  • Chausson Le Charme
  • Chausson Les Papillons
  • Coquard Haï Luli
  • Debussy Beau Soir
  • Debussy La Chevelure
  • Debussy Mandoline
  • Debussy Romance
  • Delibes Bonjour, Suzon!
  • d’Indy Lied Maritime
  • Duparc Chanson Triste
  • Duparc L’Invitation au voyage
  • Fauré Après un Rêve
  • Fauré Les Berceaux
  • Fauré Les Roses d’Ispahan
  • Fauré Nell
  • Fauré Rencontre
  • Fauré Soir
  • Franck La Mariage des Roses
  • Hue Brises d’autrefois
  • Lalo La Chanson de l’Alouette
  • Lalo L’Esclave
  • Lekeu Sur une Tombe
  • Leroux Le Nil
  • Massenet Première Danse
  • Paladilhe Le Roitelet
  • Paladilhe Les Trois Prières
  • Paladilhe Psyche
  • Pierné A Lucette
  • Saint-Saëns La Cloche
  • Saint-Saëns La Solitaire
  • Saint-Saëns Le Lever de la Lune
  • Vidal Ariette
  • Vidal La Fidèle Coeur
  • Widor Albaÿdé
  • Widor Je ne veux pas autre chose
  • Widor Nuit d’Étoiles

The volume I scanned myself was the “high voice” edition. Nevertheless, many of the songs are in a fairly moderate range. I’d be inclined to mark many as “middle voice.”

Songs from these volumes will be uploaded as song posts are created for them. If you would like me to give priority to a song that is not yet posted, please let me know via the contact page.