Anthology of Sacred Song

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Book Title: Anthology of sacred song
Subtitle: Celebrated arias selected from oratorios by old and modern composers
Volumes: 4 (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass)
Editor: Max Spicker (1858-1912)
Publisher: G. Schirmer
Copyright: 1902
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Volume 1 (Soprano) contents:
This entire volume is now available for download here at Art Song Central: Anthology of Sacred Song (Soprano)

  • Pentecost cantata: Aria. My heart ever faithful. J.S. Bach
  • Engedi: Recit. What sorrow pierceth the righteous David’s heart? Aria. Praise ye Jehovah’s goodness. L. van Beethoven
  • St. Peter: Aria. I mourn as a dove. J. Benedict
  • Destruction of Jerusalem: Recit. Unfaithful heart! Aria. Thou sittest on thy judgment-seat. M. Blumner
  • Eli: Recit. Open unto me the gates of righteousness. Aria. I will extol thee, o lord! M. Costa
  • St. John’s eve: Recit. O peaceful night! Aria. Say, what dost thou bear in the secret deep? F.H. Cowen
  • The holy city: Aria. These are they, which came out of great tribulation. A.R. Gaul
  • The ten virgins: Aria. Sun of my soul, thou saviour dear. A.R. Gaul
  • Messiah: Aria. Rejoice greatly, o daughter of Zion! G.F. Handel
  • Messiah: Aria. How beautiful are the feet of them. G.F. Handel
  • Messiah: Aria. Come unto him, all ye that labor. G.F. Handel
  • Messiah: Aria. I know that my redeemer liveth. G.F. Handel
  • Alexander Balus: Aria. Subtle love, with fancy viewing. G.F. Handel
  • Hercules: Aria. My father! Ah! me thinks I see. G.F. Handel
  • Jephtha: Recit. Ye sacred priests! Aria. Farewell, ye limpid springs and floods. G.F. Handel
  • Joshua: Aria. Oh! had I Jubal’s lyre. G.F. Handel
  • Judas Maccabæus: Aria. Pious orgies, pious airs. G.F. Handel
  • Ode on St. Cecilia’s Day: Aria. The soft complaining flute. G.F. Handel
  • Samson: Aria. Let the bright seraphim. G.F. Handel
  • Susanna: Recit. I know the pangs that cleave the bleeding heart. Aria. Beneath the cypress’ gloomy shade. G.F. Handel
  • The creation: Recit. And God said, let the earth bring forth grass. Aria. With verdure clad the fields appear. J. Haydn
  • The creation: Recit. And God said, let the waters bring forth abundantly. Aria. On mighty pens uplifted soars. J. Haydn
  • The seasons: Recit. O welcome now, ye groves and bowr’s. Aria. O how pleasing to the senses. J. Haydn
  • Saul: Recit. Hail, David, our deliv’rer! Aria. They fled, the gloomy powers. F. Hiller
  • Moses: Aria. How beautiful are thy dwellings, o lord. S. de Lange
  • Mary Magdalen: Recit. ‘Tis in vain that I seek a retreat. Aria. ‘Twas even here those words were spoken. J. Massenet
  • Elijah: Aria. Hear ye, Israel! Hear what the lord speaketh. F. Mendelssohn
  • St. Paul: Aria. Jerusalem! Jerusalem! Thou that killest the prophets. F. Mendelssohn
  • The seven last words: Aria. Thousands of sins oppress me. S. Mercadante
  • Abraham: Aria. I will extol thee, my god. B. Molique
  • Judith: Aria. I will sing unto the lord a new song. C.H.H. Parry
  • The resurrection of Lazarus: Recit. Yea, mystery supreme by the tomb is concealed. Aria. Thou, to whom Galilee kneeleth. R. Pugno
  • Jephtha and his daughter: Aria. Why art thou cast down, o my soul? C. Reinthaler
  • Paradise lost: Aria. Tho’ all triumphant the heav’nly powers. A. Rubinstein
  • Calvary: Recit. Hast thou for me a look, a thought? Aria. When this scene of trouble closes. L. Spohr
  • The golden legend: Aria. My redeemer and my lord. A. Sullivan
  • The light of the world: Recit. Where have they laid him? Aria. Lord, why hidest thou thy face? A. Sullivan
  • Harvest cantata: Recit. Yet not alone of labor comes our plenty. Aria. Then does mem’ry turn to days. C.M. von Weber
  • Harvest cantata: Recit. The gracious father hears us when we call. Aria. Once more we see the good by god provided. C.M. von Weber

Volume 2 (Alto) contents:
This entire volume is now available for download here at Art Song Central: Anthology of Sacred Song (Alto/Mezzo)

  • Christmas oratorio: Aria. Prepare thyself, Zion. Aria. Slumber, beloved, and take thy repose. J.S. Bach
  • St. Cecilia: Arioso. Father, whose blessing we entreat.
  • St. Peter: Aria. O thou afflicted. J. Benedict
  • The woman of Samaria: Aria. O lord, thou hast searched me out. S. Bennett
  • The fall of Jerusalem: Recit. My warning heed. Aria. Thine, o saviour, is love unending. M. Blumner
  • Eli: Morning prayer. Lord, from my bed again I rise. Recit. It is a good thing to give thanks. Evening prayer. This night I lift my heart to thee. M. Costa
  • Ruth: Aria. Like as a father pitieth his children. F.H. Cowen
  • St. Ludmilla: Recit. Within what gloomy depths of forest. Aria. Thy leading would I had not followed. A. Dvořák
  • Christmas eve: Aria. O, with pure devotion. Aria. When onward I am gazing. N.W. Gade
  • The holy city: Aria. Eye hath not seen.
  • Ruth: Recit. Now go your ways, my daughters well-beloved. Aria. O gracious Lord, cast down thine eyes.
  • The ten virgins: Aria. Thou art the guide of our youth. A.R. Gaul
  • Athalia: Recit. O Judah, Judah! chosen seed! Aria. O lord, whom we adore.
  • Deborah: Recit. Great prophetess! my soul’s on fire. Aria. In the battle, fame pursuing.
  • Hercules: Aria. The smiling hours, a joyful train.
  • Israel in Egypt: Aria. Thou shalt bring them in.
  • Joshua: Recit. But who is this? tremendous to behold. Aria. Awful, pleasing being, say. Recit. Now give the army breath. Aria. Heroes, when with glory burning.
  • Judas Maccabæus: Father of heav’n! from thy eternal throne.
  • The messiah: Recit. Behold, a virgin shall conceive. Aria. O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion. Aria. He was despised and rejected.
  • Samson: Aria. Return, o god of hosts.
  • Solomon: Aria. What tho’ I trace each herb and flower.
  • Susanna: Recit. A love like mine, so faithful. Aria. When first I saw my lovely maid.
  • Theodora: Aria. Lord, to thee, each night and day. G.F. Händel
  • Christus: Arioso. He was oppress’d and afflicted solo.
  • The star of Bethlehem: Arioso. For my soul is athirst for God. Arioso. Turn again to thy rest. F. Kiel
  • The rose of Sharon: Aria. Gladness is taken away. A.C. Mackenzie
  • The miracle of Nain: Recit. He is dead, the child I cherish! Aria. One would say, he reposes. H. Maréchal
  • Elijah: Aria. O rest in the lord.
  • St. Paul: Recit. And he journeyed with companions. Arioso. But the lord is mindful of his own. F. Mendelssohn
  • Judith: Aria. The lord is long-suffering and merciful. C.H.H. Parry
  • The world’s end: Recit. Thrust in thy sickle, and reap. Aria. Great and wonderful are all thy works. Aria. Behold, the house of God is with men. J. Raff
  • Jephtha: Cavatina. The lord will not be ever wroth. C. Reinthaler
  • Christmas oratorio: Aria. Patiently have I waited for the lord.
  • The heavens declare: Arioso. Thou, o lord, art my protector. C. Saint-Saëns
  • The light of the world: Aria. The lord is risen
  • The prodigal son: Aria. Love not the world. A. Sullivan
  • Constantin: Recit. From swarming highways I now have escaped. Aria. Lord, for whom my soul is burning. G. Vierling
  • Gethsemane: Aria. As thou wilt, father. C. Lee Williams

Volume 3 (Tenor) contents:
This entire volume is now available for download here at Art Song Central: Anthology of Sacred Song (Tenor)

  • Christmas oratorio: Recit. Depart! enough! my treasure I retain. Aria. Ye foes of man, your might is shaken. J.S. Bach
  • Rebekah: Recit. With overflowing heart, o lord. Aria. The soft southern breeze plays around. J. Barnby
  • Engedi: Recit. Jehovah, hear, oh hear me! Aria. Oh, my heart is sore within me. L. van Beethoven
  • St. Cecilia: Aria. A wondrous change my spirit doth surprise. J. Benedict
  • The woman of Samaria: Aria. His salvation is nigh them that fear him. S. Bennett
  • Ruth: Aria. How excellent is thy loving-kindness. F.H. Cowen
  • Seed-time and harvest: Recit. You heavenly father knoweth. Aria. Seek ye first the kingdom of God. M.B. Foster
  • The holy city: Aria. My soul is athirst for God. Aria. To the lord our God belong mercies.
  • The ten virgins: Arioso. Ascribe unto the lord worship and power. A.R. Gaul
  • Tobias: Aria. Father, thine arms about me throw! C. Gounod
  • Athalia: Recit. Great queen, be calm. Aria. Gentle airs, melodious strains.
  • Hercules: Aria. From celestial seats descending.
  • Jephtha: Recit. Deeper and deeper still. Aria. Waft her, angels, thro’ the skies.
  • Judas Maccabæus: Recit. My arms! against this Gorgias I will go. Aria. Sound an alarm!
  • Messiah: Recit. Comfort ye, my people. Aria. Ev’ry valley shall be exalted. Recit. He that dwelleth in heaven. Aria. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron.
  • Occasional oratorio: Aria. Jehovah! to my words give ear.
  • Samson: Recit. Oh, loss of sight! Aria. Total eclipse! no sun, no moon. Recit. My grief for this forbids mine eyes to close. Aria. Why does the God of Israel sleep?
  • Susanna: Recit. Tyrannic love! I feel thy cruel dart. Aria. Ye verdant hills, ye balmy vales. G.F. Händel
  • The creation: Recit. And God created man. Aria. In native worth and honour clad.
  • The seasons: Recit. A crystal pavement lies the lake. Aria. The trav’ler stands perplex’d. J. Haydn
  • Destruction of Jerusalem: Recit. All my strength hath fled away. Aria. Yes, thou wilt yet remember. F. Hiller
  • Elijah: Recit. Ye people, rend your hearts. Aria. If with all your hearts ye truly seek me. Aria. Then shall the righteous shine forth.
  • Hymn of praise: Recit. Sing ye praise, all ye redeemed. Aria. He counteth all your sorrows.
  • St. Paul: Cavatina. Be thou faithful unto death. F. Mendelssohn
  • The seven last words: Aria. When to the lily fair. S. Mercadante
  • Abraham: Aria. Pour out thy heart before the lord. B. Molique
  • Judith: Aria. I will bear the indignation of God. C.H.H. Parry
  • Resurrection of Lazarus: Recit. I live! my heart is beating! Arioso. Thy name I priase, o God. R. Pugno
  • Jephtha: Recit. What! Miriam shall perish on the sacrificial altar? Aria. Lovely and sweet as the rose in the vale. C. Reinthaler
  • The fall of Babylon: Recit. O how familiar to mine ear. Aria. Remember, lord, what thou hast laid upon us. L. Spohr
  • The crucifixion: Aria. King ever-glorious. J. Stainer
  • The light of the world: Aria. Refrain thy voice from weeping.
  • The prodigal son: Recit. No chastening for the present seemeth joyous. Aria. Come, ye children, and hearken unto me. A. Sullivan
  • Harvest cantata: Recit. Look how the fruitful land is smiling. Aria. Happy nation, still receiving. C.M. von Weber

Volume 4 (Bass) contents:
This entire volume is now available for download here at Art Song Central: Anthology of Sacred Song (Bass)

  • Christmas oratorio: Aria. Mighty lord and king. Aria. O lord, my darken’d heart enlighten. J.S. Bach
  • Rebekah: Recit. O lord, God of my master. Aria. The daughters of the city. J. Barnby
  • St. Peter: Aria. How great, o lord, is thy goodness. J. Benedict
  • The fall of Jerusalem: Recit. Betray’d! betray’d! Aria. Despoiled is thy crown of honor. M. Blumner
  • The seven last words: Aria. God, my father. T. Dubois
  • St. Ludmilla: Aria. Give ear, ye people! A. Dvorak
  • Ruth: Aria. Glory be to thee, o lord! A.R. Gaul
  • Deborah: Aria. Tears, such as tender fathers shed.
  • Judas Maccabæus: Recit. I feel the deity within. Aria. Arm, ye brave!
  • The messiah: Recit. Thus saith the lord. Aria. But who may abide. Recit. For behold, darkness shall cover. Aria. The people that walked in darkness. Aria. Why do the nations. Recit. Behold, I tell you a mystery. Aria. The trumpet shall sound.
  • Occasional oratorio: Recit. Humbled with fear. Aria. His sceptre is the rod of righteousness.
  • The passion: Aria. My father, look upon my anguish.
  • Samson: Aria. Honor and arms. G.F. Händel
  • The creation: Recit. And God said, let the waters. Aria. Rolling in foamless billows. Recit. And God said, let the earth. Aria. Now heav’n in fullest glory.
  • The seasons: Recit. At last the bounteous sun. Aria. With joy th’ impatient husbandman. Recit. Lo! where the plenteous harvest. Aria. Behold, along the dewy grass. J. Haydn
  • The destruction of Jerusalem: Recit and Aria. Jeremiah’s lament.
  • Saul: Recit. King of Israel. Aria. Obedience ’tis, the lord of hosts demandeth. F. Hiller
  • The burial of Christ: Recit. Truly, this man was the son of God! Aria. Holy one, dying for mortals. A. Klughardt
  • Moses: Recit. Fear ye on! Aria. God is eternal. S. de Lange
  • The rose of Sharon: Aria. The wilderness shall be. A.C. Mackenzie
  • The nativity: Recit. Idlest of dreams! Aria. O my home. H. Maréchal
  • Mary Magdalen: Recit. Ah, Mary, give an ear. Aria. The days are all sunshine. J. Massenet
  • Elijah: Recit. Draw near, all ye people. Aria. Lord God of Abraham. Aria. Is not his word like a fire? Aria. it is enough.
  • St. Paul: Aria. Consume them all. Aria. O God, have mercy. Recit. O wherefore do you these things? Aria. For know ye not. F. Mendelssohn
  • Abraham: Aria. Lead me, o lord. B. Molique
  • The world’s end: Aria. Lord, hear my voice. J. Raff
  • Paradise lost: Recit. Anger is welling. Aria. Wake, ye spirits. A. Rubinstein
  • Calvary: Aria. Tears of sorrow. L. Spohr
  • The light of the world: Aria. Daughters of Jerusalem. A. Sullivan

This is a well circulated set of exerpted oratorio arias. Unfortunately, all are rendered in English, so many of them are irrelevant to the modern student. Also, quite a few of the oratorios selected for the collection are no longer commonly performed. Nevertheless, a good selection of arias remain which are still commonly sung, and which were either written in English or are frequently performed in English in the US. (Such as Haydn’s Creation.)

Songs from these volumes will be uploaded as song posts are created for them. If you would like me to give priority to a song that is not yet posted, please let me know via the contact page.