Jacobs-Bond – Half Minute Songs

Song Information

Title: Half Minute Songs (I suppose it’s technically a song cycle.)

Composer: Carrie Jacobs-Bond (1862-1946)

Author: Carrie Jacobs-Bond (1862-1946)

Sheet Music

Free at Art Song Central (PDF files):

  • Half Minute Songs
    • Range: C4 – F5
    • For some reason, the order of songs in my (original) copy differs from others I’ve seen referenced. I suggest singing them in whatever order suits you.

Elsewhere on the Internet:

  • Scorch version at Parlorsongs.com (not printable)
    • Good option to hear the songs…

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Song Text

1. Making the Best of It.
What you can’t help,
What you can’t help,
What you can’t help,

2. First Ask Yourself.
Before you have said it about them,
Ask yourself if you’d like them to know you said it.

3. To Understand.
To understand a sorrow,
You must have one all your own.

4. How to Find Success.
The man who finds success looks sometimes when he’s tired,
When he’s tired, when he’s tired,
Looks sometimes when he’s tired.

5. The Pleasure of Giving
I’d rather say “You’re welcome” once, than “Thank you” a thousand times.

6. Answer the First Rap.
Opportunity may knock often, but it’s better to answer the first rap!

7. A Good Exercise.
With evil things you’ll always find
It’s best to be deaf, dumb and blind.

8. A Present from Yourself.
A friend is a present you give yourself.

9. Now and Then.
The “lucky” fellow gets up at five (A.M.),
And gen’rally works till ten (P.M.);
But the other fellow not quite so “lucky,”
Works hard–just now and then!

10. When They Say the Unkind Things.
Ain’t it gay that what “they say”
Can’t hurt you unless it’s true?

11. Keep Awake.
Success never comes to the sleeping.

12. Doan’ Yo’ Lis’n.
No mattah w’at dey said,
Keep a-walkin’ straight ahaid,
W’y dey’ll praise yo’ when yo’ daid,
But doan’ yo’ lis’n.