Caldara – Come raggio di sol

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Title: Come raggio di sol

Music: Antonio Caldara (ca. 1671-1736)

Text: Unknown

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Important note: This Baroque Italian aria is perhaps best known as it appears in Schirmer’s Twenty-Four Italian Songs and Arias, most of which had appeared previously in the Anthology of Italian Song of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. The pieces in that collection were sometimes set with less than historically accurate accompaniments. For more stylistically correct versions of most of these common Italian songs and arias, consider purchasing 26 Italian Songs and Arias, edited by John Glenn Paton, which is available in Medium High and Medium Low editions that each come with an accompaniment CD. This particular piece is somewhat of an exception, however, since the John Glenn Paton edition is nearly identical to the edition listed here.

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Song Text

Come raggio di sol mite e sereno,
Sovre placidi flutti si riposa,
Mentre del mare nel profondo seno
Sta la tempesta ascola:

Così riso talor gaio e pacato
Di contento, di gioia un labbro infiora,
Mentre nel suo segreto il cor piagato
S’angoscia e si martora.