Sixty Irish Songs

This is one of a series of posts about books used as source material for Art Song Central.

Book Title: Sixty Irish Songs
Editor: William Arms Fisher
Publisher: Oliver Ditson Company
Copyright: 1915

A complete copy of this work can be found at the University of Rochester. It is also available via Google Books: Sixty Irish Songs


  • All in the morning early, O!
  • At dawning of the day
  • Avenging and bright
  • Barney O’Hea
  • Believe me if all those endearing young charms
  • The Blatherskite
  • Bright Darling of my Heart
  • A Broken Song
  • By the Lakes of Killarney
  • The Curse of Mora
  • The Dawning of the Day
  • Down by the sally gardens
  • Ere the long roll of the ages end
  • Farewell to Sliev Morna
  • For Ireland
  • The Harp that once through Tara’s halls
  • Has sorrow thy young days shaded?
  • The Heather Glen
  • I heard in the night the pigeons
  • I love my love in the morning
  • I love the din of beating drums
  • If I were King of Ireland
  • The Lark in Clear Air
  • The Last Rose of Summer
  • The Leprehaun
  • Little Mary Cassidy
  • The Little Red Lark
  • Love is cruel, love is sweet
  • Love’s Young Dream
  • The Low-backed Car
  • Maura dhu of Ballyshannon
  • May Eve
  • The Minstrel Boy
  • Mo Bouchaleen bwee
  • My fair love leaving me
  • My Little Kerry Cow
  • My love’s an arbutus
  • Nelly, my Love, and Me
  • The Ninepenny Fidil
  • Oh! if I were yon gossamer
  • The Ould Plaid Shawl
  • Over the Hills and far away
  • The Passing of the Gael
  • A Piper
  • The Sedges
  • Shule Agra
  • Silent, O Moyle, be the roar of thy water
  • The Snowy-breasted Pearl
  • A Song of Glenann
  • Soontree
  • A Sword of Light hath pierced the dark
  • The Time for Love
  • The Voice of the Sea
  • The Wearing of the Green
  • We’re wearin’ av the Green
  • When she answered me her voice was low
  • When the West Wind blows
  • The Wind from the West
  • The Wind that shakes the Barley
  • Would God I were the tender apple blossom

This is the “high voice” edition.

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