Songs by Thirty Americans

This is one of a series of posts about books used as source material for Art Song Central.

Book Title: Songs by Thirty Americans
Editor: Rupert Hughes
Publisher: Oliver Ditson Company
Copyright: 1904

Nota bene: Google’s Book search has the entire book available for download in high and low editions. Art Song Central will eventually post individual songs, but in the meantime, the Google Book versions provide access to all these songs.


  • Rogers April Weather
  • Bullard Beam from Yonder Star
  • Nevin A Bed-time song
  • de Koven Cradle Song
  • Gilbert Croon of the Dew
  • Norris Dearie
  • Smith Dreaming
  • Harris The Hills o’ Skye
  • Hadley How do I Love Thee?
  • Clough-Leighter I Drink the Fragrance of the Rose
  • Johns If Love were not
  • Loomis In the Foggy Dew
  • Buck In thy Dreams
  • Smith Kiss me, Sweetheart
  • Bartlett Look not Upon Me with Thine Eyes
  • Paine Matin Song
  • Farwell Meeting (Drücke mich an deine Brust)
  • Huss My World
  • Pasmore A Northern Romance
  • Marshall O Mighty One (O maître de out)
  • Manney Orpheus with his Lute
  • Goldmark The Passionate Shepherd to his Love
  • Page The Regrets of Bǒkhära
  • Shelley The Ride
  • Smith Rose Song
  • Hyatt The Spring of Love
  • Baltzell Thou art Mine
  • Foerster Tristam and Iseult
  • Fisher When Allah Spoke
  • Warren When the Birds go North Again

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