Art Song Central turns 1!

Shame on me for not noticing, but the very first post was made here on May 8, 2007. Naturally, it took a while to get things up to speed, but I am belatedly wishing ASC a happy birthday!

And we’ve come a long way… Art Song Central now has over 500 visitors each day, who are downloading over 10,000 scores each month. With no advertising but word of mouth, the site has been growing in popularity by at least 20% each month. It also becomes more useful each month as I add material and increase the likelihood that users will find what they are looking for.

At the moment, there are individual posts for 168 songs, and I estimate that the site links to an additional 3000 songs and arias that are freely available for download, a significant number of which are part of the standard vocal repertoire. (There are other sites which host or link to many more songs, but contain mostly ephemera that has been justly forgotten, or is of purely historical interest.)

I’ve also begun to get a small trickle of money from affiliate links and a single donation, which has helped defray my hosting expenses for the last few months. I am hopeful that soon these links will allow ASC to operate in the black, and perhaps even fund accelerated growth of the site.

Finally, though ASC’s Google Page Rank is still rather low, we are showing up more and more often on the first page of hits for people searching for the titles of songs we host. You can help make this site more valuable to your friends by linking to us from your home pages, or networking sites like Facebook or MySpace. Those links help Google “know” that this is a valuable site.

Thanks to all our visitors for making this a great first year!