English Lyrics by C. H. H. Parry

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Book Title: English Lyrics
Composer: Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry (1848-1918)
Publisher: Novello & Co.
Copyright: 1896

Nine volumes of this set are available at the University of Rochester as PDF files. There is one pdf file for each volume. The contents of each are listed below.

Set three is also available via Google Books.

Most of these songs have been transcribed by John Henry Fowler and placed in the Choral Public Domain Library. They can be found via the CPDL page for C.H.H. Parry. The CPDL Parry page also lists three additional sets, one song of which has already been transcribed as of this writing.

First Set Contents:

  • My true love hath my heart @CPDL
  • Good night
  • Where shall the lover rest
  • Willow, willow, willow @CPDL

Second Set Contents:

  • O mistress mine @CPDL
  • Take, O take those lips away @CPDL
  • No longer mourn for me @CPDL
  • Blow, blow, thou winter wind @CPDL
  • When icicles hang by the wall @CPDL

Third Set Contents:

  • To Lucasta on going to the wars @CPDL
  • If thou would’st ease thine heart @CPDL
  • To Althea from prison @CPDL
  • Why so pale and wan @CPDL
  • Through the ivory gate @CPDL
  • Of all the torments @CPDL

Fourth Set Contents:

  • Thine eyes still shined for me @CPDL
  • When lovers meet again @CPDL
  • When we two parted @CPDL
  • Weep you no more @CPDL
  • There be none of beauty’s daughters
  • Bright star

Fifth Set Contents:

  • A Stray nymph of Dian
  • Proud Maisie @CPDL
  • Crabbed age and youth @CPDL
  • Lay a garland on my hearse @CPDL
  • Love and laughter
  • A girl to her glass
  • A Welsh Lullaby @CPDL

Sixth Set Contents:

  • When comes my Gwen @CPDL
  • And yet I love her till I die @CPDL
  • Love is a bable @CPDL
  • A lover’s garland
  • At the hour the long day ends
  • Under the greenwood tree @CPDL

Seventh Set Contents:

  • On a time the amorous Silvy @CPDL
  • Follow a shadow
  • Ye little birds that sit and sing @CPDL
  • O never say that I was false of heart
  • Julia @CPDL
  • Sleep

Eighth Set Contents:

Ninth Set Contents:

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