English Traditional Songs and Carols

This is one of a series of posts about books used as source material for Art Song Central.

Book Title: English Traditional Songs and Carols
Edited and Arranged by: Lucy Etheldred Broadwood (1858-1929)
Publisher: Boosey & Co.
Copyright: 1908

This book has been posted in its entirety at Google Books.


  • Boney’s Abdication
  • The Ages of Man
  • Banstead Downs
  • Bedfordshire May-Day Carol
  • Belfast Mountains
  • The Bold Pedlar and Robin Hood
  • Boney’s Lamentation
  • A brisk young Lad, he courted me
  • The brisk young lively Lad
  • Bristol Town
  • Cold blows the Wind
  • The Constant Farmer’s Son
  • Death and the Lady
  • Died of Love
  • The Duke of Marlborough
  • The Gallant Poachers
  • Georgie
  • Gibson, Wilson and Johnson
  • Hampshire Mummers’ Christmas Carol
  • Henry Martin
  • How cold the Winds do blow
  • I must live all alone
  • The Irish Girl
  • King Henry, my Son
  • King Pharaoh (Gypsy Christmas Carol)
  • The little Lowland Maid
  • The lost Lady found
  • The Merchant’s Daughter
  • The Moon shines bright (Christmas Carol)
  • The New Irish Girl
  • Oh, the Trees are getting high
  • Oh, Yarmouth is a pretty Town
  • Our Ship she lies in Harbour
  • The poor murdered Woman
  • The rich Nobleman and his Daughter
  • Rosetta and her gay Ploughboy
  • Salt Seas
  • Some Rival has stolen my true Love away
  • The Sussex Mummers’ Christmas Carol
  • The Three Butchers
  • Through Moorfields
  • Travel the Country round
  • The two affectionate Lovers
  • The Unquiet Grave (North Devonshire)
  • The Unquiet Grave (Sussex)
  • The Valiant Lady
  • Van Diemen’s Land
  • The Wealthy Farmer’s Son
  • The Young Servant Man

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