My Favorite Folk Songs (Sembrich)

This is one of a series of posts about books used as source material for Art Song Central.

Book Title: My Favorite Folk Songs
Collected by: Marcella Sembrich (1858-1935)
Publisher: Oliver Ditson Company
Copyright: 1918

The Internet Archive has a complete edition available for download: My Favorite Folk Songs


  • American
    • Indian – Laughing Water (Be-thae wa-an)
    • Indian – Little Papoose (Wae-ton wa-an)
    • Negro – Deep River
  • Austrian
    • Reassured (Die Beruhigte)
    • The Sorrow of Love (Liebeskummer)
  • Bohemian
    • Lament (Stesk)
    • The Treasure (Wšak nám tak, nebude)
  • Bosnian
    • Why so silent, tell me, birdie (Paun i Kolo)
  • Bulgarian
    • The Outlaw (Tri godini)
  • Canadian
    • Gai lon la
  • Chinese
    • The Jasmin-flower (Moo-lee-hwa)
  • English
    • Barbara Allen
    • Pretty Polly Oliver
    • The Three Ravens
  • French
    • My dear, if we were wandering (La bell’ si nous étiom’ dedans)
    • Nightingale sweetly singing (Roussignoulet qui cantos)
    • The Three Captains (Les trois capitaines)
    • The Parable of the Sinful Rich Man (La parabole du mauvais riche)
  • German
    • Must I go (Muss i denn)
    • My heart and thy heart (Dein Herz und mein Herz)
    • The Lanthorn (Die Latern)
    • The Mill Wheel (Das Mühlrad)
    • The Sandman (Sandmännchen)
  • Grecian
    • The Musician (O moisikos)
  • Hungarian
    • See, love, above the stars (Csillag elég ragyog)
  • Irish
    • The Last Rose of Summer
    • Believe me, if all those endearing young charms
  • Italian
    • La Romanella
    • O once mine eyes had seen you (Pill’ ura chi ti vitti)
    • Peasant’s Song (Canzonetta di campagnuolo)
    • Should you chance on love at play (Se Amor mai da vu se vede)
    • The Savoyarde (La Savoyarde)
    • Catina, my sweetheart (Catina bellina)
    • Wherein have I offended? (Che t’ho fatto?)
  • Norwegian
    • Dearest maiden (Kau fra Hallingdalen)
    • Norwegian Echo Song (Kom Kjyra)
  • Polish
    • Dearest maiden, hark I pray thee (Krakowiak)
    • How shall I, unhappy (Cóź ja niboraczek)
    • Oh, hop-vine (Oj chmielu)
  • Russian
    • Ah! see the old pear-tree (Zéléna grusha)
    • By the bridge (Wozli ryczki wozli mosta)
    • O’er the distant lonely mountains (Dalekaya i blezkaya)
    • Sown with millet was my garden (Siałem proso na zagonie)
  • Ruthenian
    • My Neighbor (A susida)
    • The Dancers (Oy szumyt i hude)
    • The Woodland Cabin (Hryc)
  • Scottish
    • Comin’ through the Rye
    • Maxwellton’s braes are bonny
    • What’s this dull town to me
  • Serbian
    • Come, my dearest (Pjesma)
  • Swedish
    • On a crystal throne (Necken’s Polska)
    • Sorrow (Sorgen)
    • Vigorous and honest is he (Rasker och redlig ar han)
    • When I was seventeen (När jag blef sjutton år)
  • Spanish
    • May Song (Cancion de Maja)
    • Think not thou canst deceive me (Se piensas engañarme)
    • Cruel Caramba (Tirana del Caramba y como te quiero)
  • Syrian
    • Sleep, my child (Aïnte)
  • Turkish
    • The sun hangs high (Charki hidjas)

This book appears to be a quality edition, in keeping with the standards set in other Oliver Ditson publications from this period. It is noteable that original language texts are provided for almost all of these songs, which is a welcome departure from the norm for folk song collections of the time.

Each of the songs from this volume, when appropriate, will be uploaded as song posts are created for them. If you would like me to give priority to a song that is not yet posted, please let me know via the contact page.