Oratorio Songs from the Standard Oratorios

This is one of a series of posts about books used as source material for Art Song Central.

Book Title: Oratorio Songs from the Standard Oratorios New and Old
Volumes: 4 (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass)
Publisher: The John Church Company
Copyright: 1900

Indices here will be in the format “aria” (Oratorio) Composer.

Volume 1 (Soprano) Contents:
(Internet Archive has a complete copy of Volume 1 for Soprano available for download.)

  • “I will extol Thee, my God, O King” (Abraham) Molique
  • “Hast Thou for Me a Look, a Thought?” (Calvary) Spohr
  • “When this Scene of Trouble closes” (Calvary) Spohr
  • “And God said, Let the earth” (The Creation) Haydn
  • “With Verdure Clad” (The Creation) Haydn
  • “And God said, Let the waters” (The Creation) Haydn
  • “On mighty pens” (The Creation) Haydn
  • “Open unto me” (Eli) Costa
  • “I will extol Thee” (Eli) Costa
  • “Hear ye, Israel” (Elijah) Mendelssohn
  • “Dear Child of Bondage” (The Fall of Babylon) Spohr
  • “These are They which came” (The Holy City) Gaul
  • “Farewell, ye limpid springs” (Jephtha) Handel
  • “What’s sweeter than a new-blown rose? (Joseph) Handel
  • “Oh had I Jubal’s lyre!” (Joshua) Handel
  • “Hark! ’tis the linnet” (Joshua) Handel
  • “From mighty kings” (Judas Maccabeus) Handel
  • “Where have they laid him” (The Light of the World) Sullivan
  • “Lord, why hidest Thou Thy face” (The Light of the World) Sullivan
  • “I know that my Redeemer liveth” (Messiah) Handel
  • “Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Zion” (Messiah) Handel
  • “‘Tis in vain” (Mary Magdalen) Massenet
  • “Confounded be” (Naaman) Costa
  • “But oh! what art can teach (Ode for St. Cecilia’s Day) Handel
  • “Song of an Angel” (Paradise Lost) Rubinstein
  • “I follow Thee also” (The St. John Passion) Bach
  • “Only bleed, tender heart (The St. Matthew Passion) Bach
  • “Lover and friend” (The Rose of Sharon) Mackenzie
  • “Be of good comfort” (Ruth) Cowen
  • “Let the bright Seraphim” (Samson) Handel
  • “My heart to hear thy voice” (Samson and Delilah) Saint-Saëns
  • “Oh god-like youth!” (Saul) Handel
  • “O welcome now” (The Seasons) Haydn
  • “O how pleasing to the senses” (The Seasons) Haydn
  • “Elizabeth” (St. Elizabeth) Liszt
  • “O grant me in the dust to fall” (St. Ludmila) Dvořák
  • “Jerusalem, thou that killest the Prophets (St. Paul) Mendelssohn
  • “I will sing of Thy great mercies” (St. Paul) Mendelssohn
  • “I mourn as a dove” (St. Peter) Benedict
  • “Angels, ever bright and fair” (Theodora) Handel
  • “I will love Thee, O Lord” (The Woman of Samaria) Bennett

Volume 2 (Mezzo-Soprano/Alto) Contents:
(Internet Archive has a complete copy of Volume 2 for Alto available for download)

  • “And the Lord looked down from Heaven” (Abraham) Molique
  • “They kept not the law” (Abraham) Molique
  • “See now the bridegroom” (Christmas Oratorio) Bach
  • “Prepare thyself, Zion” (Christmas Oratorio) Bach
  • “Slumber, beloved” (Christmas Oratorio) Bach
  • “He was oppressed” (Christus) Kiel
  • “In the battle, fame pursuing” (Deborah) Handel
  • “Woe unto them who forsake Him” (Elijah) Mendelssohn
  • “O rest in the Lord” (Elijah) Mendelssohn
  • “The morning prayer” (Eli) Costa
  • “It is a good thing” (Eli) Costa
  • “The evening prayer” (Eli) Costa
  • “Eye hath not seen” (The Holy City) Gaul
  • “Come, ye blessed” (The Holy City) Gaul
  • “Thou shalt bring them in” (Israel in Egypt) Handel
  • “‘Twill be a painful separation” (Jephtha) Handel
  • “In gentle murmurs will I mourn” (Jephtha) Handel
  • “The peasant tastes the sweets” (Joseph) Handel
  • “The Lord is risen” (The Light of the World) Sullivan
  • “O ye that love the Lord” (The Lord is King) Barnby
  • “Behold! A virgin shall conceive” (Messiah) Handel
  • “O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion” (Messiah) Handel
  • “He was despised” (Messiah) Handel
  • “I dreamt I was in heaven” (Naaman) Costa
  • “It is finished” (The St. John Passion) Bach
  • “If Thy disciples” (The St. Matthew Passion) Bach
  • “Penitence” (The St. Matthew Passion) Bach
  • “Lord, can it be?” (The St. Matthew Passion) Bach
  • “All my tears” (The St. Matthew Passion) Bach
  • “We will open our mouth in a parable” (The Rose of Sharon) Mackenzie
  • “Like as a father” (Ruth) Cowen
  • “Return, oh God of Hosts” (Samson) Handel
  • “Dear love! thine aid” (Samson and Delilah) Saint-Saëns
  • “Within what gloomy depths” (Saint Ludmila) Dvořák
  • “But the Lord is mindful of his own” (St. Paul) Mendelssohn
  • “O thou afflicted” (St. Peter) Benedict
  • “Lord, Thy glory fills the Heaven” (Stabat Mater) Rossini
  • “Lord to Thee, each night and day” (Theodora) Handel
  • “O Lord, Thou has searched me out” (The Woman of Samaria) Bennett

Volume 3 (Tenor) Contents:

  • TBD

Volume 4 (Bass) Contents:
(Internet Archive has a complete copy of Volume 4 for Bass available for download)

  • “Lead me, O Lord” (Abraham) Molique
  • “Tears of Sorrow, shame and anguish” (Calvary) Spohr
  • “And God said, let the waters” (Creation) Haydn
  • “Rolling in foaming billows” (Creation) Haydn
  • “Mighty Lord, and King all glorious” (Christmas Oratorio) Bach
  • “My sons, my sons!” (Eli) Costa
  • “If Thou should’st mark iniquities” (Eli) Costa
  • “Although my house be not with God” (Eli) Costa
  • “Draw near, all ye people” (Elijah) Mendelssohn
  • “It is enough” (Elijah) Mendelssohn
  • “Almighty God of Israel” (Fall of Babylon) Spohr
  • “O what is man” (Fall of Babylon) Spohr
  • “Arm, arm, ye brave” (Judas Maccabeus) Handel
  • “With pious hearts” (Judas Maccabeus) Handel
  • “When the son of man” (The Light of the World) Sullivan
  • “Judas” (Mary Magdalen) Massenet
  • “Thus saith the Lord” (Messiah) Handel
  • “But who may abide the day of his coming” (Messiah) Handel
  • “Why do the nations so furiously rage together?” (Messiah) Handel
  • “Arise, O Lord” (Naaman) Costa
  • “His sceptre is the rod of righteousness” (Occasional Oratorio) Handel
  • “From my soul’s depths” (Paradise Lost) Rubinstein
  • “Consider, O my soul” (The St. John Passion) Bach
  • “Before the Father our Redeemer falling” (The St. Matthew Passion) Bach
  • “Bring me cross and cup” (The St. Matthew Passion) Bach
  • “Give me Jesus, I implore you” (The St. Matthew Passion) Bach
  • “O Lord God” (Rebekah) Barnby
  • “The daughters of the city (Rebekah) Barnby
  • “Unto my charger” (The Rose of Sharon) Mackenzie
  • “From the accursed” (Requiem) Verdi
  • “Honor and arms” (Samson) Handel
  • “I was not deceived” (Saint Ludmila) Dvořák
  • “At last the bounteous sun” (The Seasons) Haydn
  • “With joy the impatient husbandman” (The Seasons) Haydn
  • “Behold, along the dewy grass” (The Seasons) Haydn
  • “Through the mist of the valley” (St. Elizabeth) Liszt
  • “O God, have mercy” (St. Paul) Mendelssohn
  • “How great, O Lord” (St. Peter) Benedict
  • “Lord preserve me uncomplaining” (Stabat Mater) Rossini
  • “Jesus answered” (Woman of Samaria) Bennett
  • “Whosoever drinketh” (Woman of Samaria) Bennett

Each of the arias in this volume will be uploaded as song posts are created for them. If you would like me to give priority to a song that is not yet posted, please let me know via the contact page.