Reliquary of English Song (Volume Two)

This is one of a series of posts about books used as source material for Art Song Central.

Book Title: Reliquary of English Song

  • Volume Two
  • (1700-1800)

Editor: Frank Hunter Parker
Accompaniments by: Charles Vincent
Publisher: G. Schirmer
Copyright: 1916

Google Books has a complete edition of Reliquary of English Song available for download. Another copy is available in multiple formats at the Internet Archive.


  • Love me little, love me long
  • Black-Eyed Susan Richard Leveridge
  • The Maid’s Resolution Richard Leveridge
  • Prithee, Celia John Wledon
  • Celia, let not pride undo you John Weldon
  • Golden slumbers kiss your eyes
  • The Lover’s Message John Ernest Gaillard
  • The Early Horn John Ernest Gaillard
  • Down among the dead men
  • My Goddess Celia George Munro
  • Ask if yon damask rose be sweet Georg Frederic Handel
  • The Vicar of Bray
  • Daphne William Defesch
  • Phillis, we don’t grieve Thomas Augustine Arne
  • Now Phoebus sinketh in the west Thomas Augustine Arne
  • The Faithful Lover Thomas Augustine Arne
  • Sally Thomas Augustine Arne
  • When daisies pied Thomas Augustine Arne
  • Water parted from the sea Thomas Augustine Arne
  • Under the greenwood tree Thomas Augustine Arne
  • By dimpled brook Thomas Augustine Arne
  • Peggy Thomas Augustine Arne
  • Rule, Brittania! Thomas Augustine Arne
  • Why so pale and wan, fond lover? Thomas Augustine Arne
  • When forced from dear Hebe to go Thomas Augustine Arne
  • Blow, blow, thou winter wind Thomas Augustine Arne
  • Damon and Florella Thomas Augustine Arne
  • Where the bee sucks Thomas Augustine Arne
  • God Save the King Henry Carey
  • The Plausible Lover Henry Carey
  • A Pastoral Henry Carey
  • The Lass with the Delicate Air Michael Arne
  • Heart of Oak Dr. William Boyce
  • The Diffident Lover Samuel Howard
  • The Constant Fair
  • Charming ChloĆ«
  • Roslin Castle James Oswald
  • Peace, the fairest child of heaven James Oswald
  • With Jockey to the Fair
  • No flower that blows Thomas Linley
  • Jockey
  • Drink to me only with thine eyes
  • Softly waft, ye southern breezes James Hook
  • The Wedding-Day James Hook
  • The Thorn William Shield
  • Tom Bowling Charles Dibdin
  • The lass that loves a sailor Charles Dibdin
  • Blow high, blow low Charles Dibdin
  • The Bay of Biscay, O! John Davy
  • The Tar’s Sheet Anchor William Reeve
  • Peaceful slumbering on the ocean Stephen Storace
  • Sigh no more, ladies R.J.S. Stevens
  • At Early Dawn Thomas Attwood
  • The coy, blushing Sylvia Mrs. Plowden

Each of the 55 songs from this volume will be uploaded as song posts are created for them. If you would like me to give priority to a song that is not yet posted, please let me know via the contact page.