Shakespeare – The Art of Singing

William Shakespeare (the voice teacher, not the playwright) wrote this treatise on singing and published it in the early 20th century. Of the various methods from this era, I find this one of the most accurate, concise and useful. (On the other hand, I can barely understand why a teacher would confine themselves to a generic set of exercises when every student presents a unique set of issues. For me, the second half of the book is wasted space, as it merely presents a series of “progressive” exercises that have little to offer in the way of instruction.)

I bought and scanned a copy of this book, only to discover that it was already available on Google’s Book Search. Since Google allows one to download a searchable PDF file of public domain books for which it offers “full view”, there is little point in me adding my own, non-searchable version. Here is a link to the Google’s copy:

The Art of Singing

Update: There is also a complete copy, split into two pdf files, at The University of Rochester: The Art of Singing