Some interesting stats

I’m not sure how significant it is, but the vast majority of incoming traffic to Art Song Central comes from direct requests. Google search comes in second, but only accounts for about 2% of traffic, and maybe 10% of incoming requests.

I think that says two things about the success of Art Song Central. First, that it is principally built on word of mouth, and that once people have found the site, they bookmark it and use it again and again. Many of those direct requests are people visiting the site after having bookmarked it. Others are coming from people who have typed the url into their browser, or clicked a link in an email sent from a friend. So, keep spreading the word!

Secondly, it suggests that the more we as a community can raise the profile of this site, the better we’ll do at bringing people in through Google.

It’s not enough to just provide a great resource for people – they also have to know it’s there. If you like this site, please tell your friends about it! If you have a website of your own, link to us and help raise the profile of this site. Thanks!