Song Miscellany (Spicker)

This is one of a series of posts about books used as source material for Art Song Central.

Book Title: Song Miscellany
Volumes: 4 (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass)
Editor: Max Spicker (1858-1912)
Publisher: G. Schirmer
Copyright: 1902

Volume 1 (Soprano) contents:
(The soprano volume can be downloaded in its entirety at Google Books)

  • Frühlingszeit (Becker)
  • Der Schwur (Bohm)
  • Vergebliches Ständchen (Brahms)
  • Negro Lullaby (Burleigh)
  • For Ever Mine (Cantor)
  • Petites roses (Cesek)
  • Si j’étais jardinier (Chaminade)
  • The Maiden’s Wish / Mädchens Wunsch (Chopin)
  • I’ve something sweet to tell you (Faning)
  • Aus meinen grossen Schmerzen (Franz)
  • A Dream of Paradise (Gray)
  • My Little Love (Hawley)
  • Mother, oh sing me to rest (Hildach)
  • Sérénade à Juanita (Jouberti)
  • Winterlied (Koss)
  • At the making of the hay (Lehmann)
  • Vous dansez, Marquise (Lemaire)
  • Seligkeit (Meyer)
  • Guide au bord ta nacelle (Meyerbeer)
  • Morgens send’ ich dir die Veilchen (Meyer-Helmund)
  • I attempt from love’s sickness to fly (Purcell)
  • Echo (Somerset)
  • A Song of Sunshine (Thomas)
  • Vorrei / Could I (Tosti)
  • Mon petit coeur soupire (Wekerlin)

Volume 2 (Alto) contents:
(The alto volume can be downloaded in its entirety at Google Books)

  • Faithfu’ Johnie (Beethoven)
  • Wie berührt mich wundersam (Bendel)
  • Sandmänchen (Brahms)
  • I doan’ want fu’ t’ stay hyeah no longah (Burleigh)
  • Lov’d by thee (Cantor)
  • Rosemonde (Chaminade)
  • In the chimney corner (Cowen)
  • Lockung (Dessauer)
  • Old folks at home (Foster)
  • Im Herbst (Franz)
  • The Heavenly Song (Gray)
  • Solvejg’s Wiegenlied (Grieg)
  • Rêverie (Hahn)
  • Sans toi (d’Hardelot)
  • Ah! ’tis a dream (Hawley)
  • She never told her love (Haydn)
  • Nirvana (Hervey)
  • Mein Liebster ist ein Weber (Hildach)
  • The Bird and the Rose (Horrocks)
  • Synnöves Lied (Kjerulf)
  • L’esclave (Lalo)
  • Serenade (Nevin)
  • Verwelkt! (Proch)
  • Lasciali dir, tu m’ami! (Quaranta)
  • Mon coeur s’ouvre à ta voix (Saint-Saëns)
  • Loch Lomond (Scottish Melody)
  • Sonnet d’amour (Thomé)
  • Abendlied (Wickede)

Volume 3 (Tenor) contents:
(The tenor volume can be downloaded in its entirety at Google Books)

  • The Lass with the Delicate Air (Arne)
  • Sunshine and Rain (Blumenthal)
  • Über’s Jahr! (Bohm)
  • My Merlindy Brown (Burleigh)
  • Rose-tide (Cantor)
  • Star of my heart (Denza)
  • Liebeständelei (Fitzenhagen)
  • Mädchen mit dem rothen Mündchen (Gall)
  • Donna Clara (Gastaldon)
  • There is a green hill far away / Le Calvaire (Gounod)
  • The Golden Pathway (Gray)
  • Were I a Star! (Hawley)
  • Sérénade du passant (Massenet)
  • When Love is kind (Old Melody)
  • O sag’ es noch einmal (Slansky)
  • The dear home-land (Slaughter)
  • In dieser Stunde (Spicker)
  • Orpheus with his lute (Sullivan)
  • O vision entrancing (Thomas)
  • Simple Aveu (Thomé)
  • Mattinata (Tosti)
  • Polly and I (Wakefield)

Volume 4 (Bass) contents:
(The bass volume can be downloaded in its entirety at Google Books)

  • Chanson du Toreador (Bizet)
  • Life (Blumenthal)
  • The Clang of the Hammer (Bonheur)
  • An Ante-bellum Sermon (Burleigh)
  • Sleep On (Cantor)
  • Abschied (Cavallo)
  • Gipsy John (Clay)
  • In shadowland (Denza)
  • Als die alte Mutter (Dvorak)
  • Le Cor (Flégier)
  • Obstination (Fontenailles)
  • Widmung (Franz)
  • Der schönste Engel (Graben-Hoffmann)
  • Greeting (Hawley)
  • Der letzte Gruss (Levi)
  • Spring Song (Mackenzie)
  • Punchinello (Molloy)
  • Rose-Marie (Molloy)
  • Drink to me only with thine eyes
  • An der Weser (Pressel)
  • Pretty Polly Oliver (Somervell)
  • Aus der Jugendzeit (Radecke)
  • The Clang of the Forge (Rodney)
  • Blow, blow, thou winter wind (Sarjeant)
  • Loyal Death (Stainer)
  • My Love’s an Arbutus (Stanford)
  • How do I love thee? (White)

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