Twenty Four Songs by English Composers of the 17th & 18th Centuries

This is one of a series of posts about books used as source material for Art Song Central.

Book Title: A collection of Twenty Four Songs

  • By English Composers of the 17th & 18th Centuries
  • From Lawes to Linley

Editor: Godfrey Edward Pellew Arkwright (1864-1944)
Publisher: Parker & Son
Copyright: 1908

Google Books has a complete edition of A Collection of Twenty Four Songs available for download.


  • How happy thou and I Henry Lawes
  • Desperato’s Banquet Henry Lawes
  • Come lovely Phillis Henry Lawes
  • Anacreon’s Ode, I long to sing Henry Lawes
  • Night and Day Henry Lawes
  • The Fair Lover and his Black Mistress Dr. Blow
  • Boasting Fops Dr. Blow
  • Stript of their Green Henry Purcell
  • If Music be the Food of Love Henry Purcell
  • Celia has a Thousand Charms Henry Purcell
  • I see she flies me Henry Purcell
  • Advice Richard Leveridge
  • Momus’s Song. Thy Sword within the Scabbard Dr. Boyce
  • Venus’s Song. Calms appear Dr. Boyce
  • Ye Nymphs of the Plain Dr. Boyce
  • Rail no more ye learned Asses Dr. Boyce
  • O come, O come my dearest Dr. Arne
  • To Delia Dr. Arne
  • Hail immortal Bacchus Dr. Arne
  • Arise sweet Messenger of Morn. Dr. Arne
  • The School of Anacreon Dr. Arne
  • Dear to my Soul is Damon’s Love Thomas Linley
  • Ah! dearest Maid Thomas Linley
  • False Delia adieu Thomas Linley

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