Wagner Lyrics for Tenor

This is one of a series of posts about books used as source material for Art Song Central.

Book Title: Wagner Lyrics for Tenor
Editor: Carl Armbruster
Publisher: Oliver Ditson Company
Copyright: 1904

Google Books has a downloadable copy of Wagner Lyrics for Tenor.


  • Rienzi
    • Rienzi’s Appeal to the Romans (Rienzi’s Andrede), Act IV, No. 2
    • Rienzi’s Prayer (Rienzi’s Gebet), Act V, No. 1
  • The Flying Dutchman (Der fliegender Holländer)
    • The Steersman’s Song (Lied des Steuermanns), Act I, No. 1
    • Sailor’s Song (Matrosenlied), Act III, No. 2
    • Erik’s Cavatina (Erik’s Cavatine), Act III, No. 4
  • Tannhäuser
    • Tannhäuser’s Hymn to Venus (Tannhäuser’s Lied), Act I, Scene 2
    • The Pilgrim’s Song (Pilgerlied), Act I, Scene 3
    • Tannhäuser’s Pilgrimage (Tannhäuser’s Erzählung), Act III, Scene 3
  • Lohengrin
    • Lohengrin’s Farewell to the Swan (Schwanenlied), Act I, Scene 3
    • Lohengrin’s Appeal to Elsa (Lohengrin’s Verweis an Elsa), Act III, Scene 2
    • Lohengrin’s Warning to Elsa (Lohengrin’s Ermahnung an Elsa), Act III, Scene 2
    • Lohengrin’s Narrative (Lohengrin’s Herkunft), Act III, Scene 3
    • Lohengrin’s Departure (Lohengrin beim Abschied), Act III, Scene 3
  • Tristan and Isolda (Tristan und Isolde)
    • Tristan and Isolda’s Love Duet (Tristan und Isolde’s Lievesduett), Act II, Scene 2
    • Tristan’s Question to Isolda (Tristan’s Frage and Isolde), Act II, Scene 3
    • Tristan’s Vision (Tristan’s Traumbild), Act III, Scene 1
  • The Mastersingers of Nuremberg (Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg)
    • Walter before the Master’s Guild (Walther vor der Meisterzunft), Act I, Scene 3
    • Walter’s Trial Song (Walther’s Werbegesang), Act I, Scene 3
    • David’s Song of St. John’s Day (Johanneslied David’s), Act III, Scene 1
    • Walter’s Prize Song (Walther’s Preislied), Act III, Scene 4
  • The Rhinegold (Das Rheingold)
    • Loge’s Narrative (Loge’s Erzählung), Scene 2
  • The Valkyr (Die Walküre)
    • Siegmund’s Monologue (Monolog von Siegmund), Act I, Scene 3
    • Siegmund’s Love Song (Siegmund’s Liebeslied), Act I, Scene 3
  • Siegfried
    • Siegfried Questioning Mime (Siegfried’s Frage an Mime), Act I, Scene 1
    • Siegfried’s Melting Song (Siegfried’s Schmelzlied), Act I, Scene 3
    • Siegfried’s Forging Song (Siegfried’s Schmiedelied), Act I, Scene 3
  • The Dusk of the Gods (Götterdämmerung)
    • Siegfried’s Death (Siegfried’s Tod), Act III, Scene 2
  • Parsifal
    • Parsifal’s Triumph (Parsifal’s Triumph), Act III, Scene 2

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