Beach – With Violets

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Title: With Violets

Music: Amy Marcy Cheney Beach (1867-1944)

Text: Letitia Katherine “Kate” Vannah (1855–1933)

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Song Text

The violets that I send to you
Will close their blue eyes on your breast.
I shall not be there, Sweet, to see,
Yet do I know my flowers will rest
Within that chaste, white nest.

O little flowers, she’ll welcome you
So tenderly, so warmly! Go:
I know where you will die to-night,
But you can never, never know
The bliss of dying so!

If you could speak! Yet she will know
What made your faces wet, although
I fain would follow you and tell her.
There, go, and die, yet never know
To what a heaven you go!