IPA files for the entire collection!

I have finished transcribing (with the help of IPANow software) every song from the song index into IPA (except for English and Spanish, which IPANow does not handle.) I have saved a separate PDF file for the text and transcription of each song.

It will take some time to add links to each individual song post, so here are all the files currently available (as of 8/29/09), zipped by language.

Please note that with a few exceptions, these are unedited from the direct output of IPANow. The generally high quality of the transcriptions is a testament to this program, but there are bound to be mistakes, especially in the difficult and controversial world of French liason, or in words that don’t follow the “rules” of a language…

You can now download iOS versions of the program for only $1.99 each for German, French, Italian and Latin, and make your own transcriptions of any text you like! Here are the links:

Please remember as you use these files that IPA cannot completely express the nuances of language. Use them as a basic guide, and make your own modifications as you see fit for more controversial elements (such as how to transcribe the final e in Italian.)