More anthologies added

For a while, I’ve listed the full contents of Schirmer’s Anthology of Sacred Song series, edited by Max Spicker. However, I’ve been slow in creating individual song postings for most of this material, and there are a number of arias from these collections that I’d never post anyway.

To accelerate access to those anthologies here, I’ve posted a pdf file of each volume on the source page. That way users who locate a song through a site search will still be able to have immediate access to the sheet music.

I’ve done the same for some volumes I have scanned from other anthologies, including the Alto and Tenor volumes of Schirmer’s Operatic Anthology, also edited by Spicker, and volume one of the Reliquary of English Song, edited by Frank Hunter Parker. The latter, while not particularly scholarly, has been a popular source of beginner material for many voice teachers.

I am pleased to discover that Art Song Central now hosts or links to well over 100 volumes of music, all of which are at least marginally relevant to the student or professional singer. More are on their way. I encourage you to leave comments about collections you’d like to see added, or online resources that should be linked from ASC.