Bantock (arr.) – King Arthur

Song Information

Title: King Arthur (Lancashire County Song)

Music: Folk song

Arranger: Granville Bantock (1868-1946)

Text: traditional

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Song Text

King Arthur had three sons – that he had;
King Arthur had three sons – that he had;
He had three sons of yore,
And he kick’d them out of door
Because they could not sing – that he did.

The first he was a miller – that he was;
The second he was a weaver – that he was;
The third he was a little, little tailorboy,
And he was mighty clever – that he was.

Now the miller stole some grist for his mill – that he did;
And the weaver stole some woll for his loom – that he did;
And the little tailorboy,
He stole some corduroy
For to keep these three rogues warm – that he did.

Oh, the miller he was drown’d in his dam – that he was;
And the weaver he was kill’d at his loom – that he was;
And old Nick he cut his stick
With the little tailorboy
With the broadcloth under his arm – that he did.

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