Dowland – Sorrow, Stay

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Title: Sorrow, Stay

Music: John Dowland (1563-1626)

Text: possibly John Dowland (1563-1626)

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  • PDF file: Sorrow, Stay
    • Key: G Minor
    • Range: D4 – D5
    • From: The Second Book of Ayres
    • Source: Stainer & Bell edition, ed. Fellowes ©1922
    • Note: This edition includes lute tabulature as well as a piano transcription.

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Song Text

Sorrow, stay! lend true repentant tears
To a woeful wretched wight.
Hence, Despair! with thy tormenting fears
O do not my poor heart affright.
Pity, help! now or never;
Mark me not to endless pain.
Alas, I am condemned ever,
No hope, no help there doth remain.

But down, down, down, down I fall,
And arise I never shall.