Elizabethan Love-Songs

This is one of a series of posts about books used as source material for Art Song Central.

Book Title: Elizabethan Love-Songs
Editor/Arranger: James Frederick Keel (1871-1954)
Publisher: Boosey & Co.
Copyright: 1909

Google Books has a downloadable copy of both volumes (combined) in a Low Voice edition.

Volume 1 Contents:

  • As Flora slept – John Hilton
  • A shepherd in a shade – John Dowland
  • Come again – John Dowland
  • Come, Phillis – Thomas Ford
  • Deare, if you change – John Dowland
  • Deare, though your mind – William Corkine
  • Diaphenia – Francis Pilkington
  • Fain would I change that note – Tobias Hume
  • Faire, sweet, cruell – Thomas Ford
  • Fine knacks for ladies – John Dowland
  • Flow not so fast, ye fountains – John Dowland
  • Go to bed, sweet Muse – Robert Jones
  • Here she her sacred bower adornes – Thomas Campion
  • If I urge my kind desires – Philip Rosseter
  • If she forsake me – Philip Rosseter
  • On a time – John Attey
  • Phillis was a faire maide – Giles Earle’s MS.
  • Shaded with olive trees – Thomas Greaves
  • Shall I come, sweet Love, to thee? – Thomas Campion
  • Sleepe, sleepe – Giles Earle’s MS.
  • Sweet Cupid, ripen her desire – William Corkine
  • Sweet Kate – Robert Jones
  • Sweet nymph, come to thy lover – Thomas Morley
  • There is a garden in her face – Thomas Campion
  • Underneath a cypress tree – Francis Pilkington
  • What if I seek for love – Robert Jones
  • When Laura smiles – Philip Rosseter
  • When lo! by breake of morning – Thomas Morley
  • Why dost thou turn away? – Giles Earle’s MS.
  • Woeful heart with grief oppressed – John Dowland

Volume 2 Contents:

  • A pretty, pretty ducke – John Bartlet
  • Away with these self-loving lads – John Dowland
  • Beauty is but a painted hell – Thomas Campion
  • Breake now, my heart, and die – Thomas Campion
  • Come away – John Dowland
  • Come, you pretty false-eyed wanton – Thomas Campion
  • Downe-a-downe – F. Pilkington
  • Ev’ry dame affects good fame – Thomas Campion
  • Farewell, unkind farewell – John Dowland
  • Flora, wilt thou torment me? – Thomas Morley
  • Her rosie cheekes – Thomas Campion
  • If there be any one – John Bartlet
  • I heard of late – John Bartlet
  • Now, O now, I needs must part – John Dowland
  • O deare, that I with thee might live – Thomas Campion
  • Oft have I sighed for him – Thomas Campion
  • Shall a smile or a guileful glance? – William Corkine
  • Shall I sue, shall I seek for grace? – John Dowland
  • Sorrow, Sorrow, stay – John Dowland
  • Stay, Time, awhile thy flying – John Dowland
  • Sweet was the Song – John Attey
  • The peaceful westerne winde – Thomas Campion
  • Thrice tosse these oaken ashes in the air – Thomas Campion
  • Weep you no more, sad fountaines – John Dowland
  • What if I never speede? – John Dowland
  • What if I speede? – Robert Jones
  • What thing is love? – John Bartlet
  • When from my love I lookte – John Bartlet
  • Whither runneth my Sweetheart – John Bartlet
  • Who doth behold my Mistress’ face – John Bartlet

This two volume set was a popular source in the mid 20th century for lute songs. It’s main drawback is that the piano accompaniments are often changed from the original lute accompaniments or even entirely rewritten in a more romantic style. Still, it offers an abundance of interesting songs in English in both high and low keys, which are generally easy, of narrow range, and appropriate for beginners. More advanced students may wish to seek out more authoritative editions.

I have scanned both volumes in both low and high editions, and will post when they are cleaned up and prepared. Each of the songs in these volumes will be uploaded as song posts are created for them. If you would like me to give priority to a song that is not yet posted, please let me know via the contact page.