Machaut – Douce dame jolie

Song Information

Title: Douce dame jolie

Music: Guillaume de Machaut (c.1300-1377)

Text: Unknown (perhaps Machaut himself?)

Sheet Music

Free at Art Song Central:

  • PDF of adaptation by Horatio Parker: Douce dame jolie
    • Important note: this edition was posted by request, but is so heavily changed from the original melody that it is hard to say it is the same piece. If you enjoy this adaptation, do it with the knowledge that it bears little resemblance to the original melody. (also linked below.)
    • Key: G minor
    • Range: F4 – D5
    • Source: German, French and Italian Song Classics

Elsewhere on the Internet:

  • Original, unaccompanied melody with words via Wikipedia: Douce Dame Jolie
    • Key: D Dorian
    • Range: F4 – D5
    • Note: this virelai has more than one verse, though only the first is written in the score. The score has no accompaniment, though one could easily improvise an accompaniment for this, or simply sing it a capella.