Registration removed

Art Song Central has been the target of multiple hacking and spam attacks this year, including a recent flood of user registrations by a single spammer. (This spammer was dedicated enough to hire a person or system to defeat the Captcha verification system, and slowed the server to a crawl with spam attacks.) For the protection of the site and its users, I have chosen to take the somewhat drastic step of disabling registration, and deleting all previous registrations.

The good news is that this will have little effect on most users, as there no advantage to registration beyond the ability to comment on posts. Very few people have used this feature, and those who have did so on only a few occasions.

The bad news is that, for now, it precludes the more active user community that I had hoped to develop here, as only registered users can comment.

If you would like to be actively involved in making Art Song Central a better place, do write me via the contact form and I may manually add you to the system.