Old Transposer / Visualizer

Going through some old files on my computer, I rediscovered some theory aids I had created while teaching at UC Davis. Many were just basic educational tools designed to help bring some of my novice students up to speed on basic theory and musicianship.

But I also had time to think about novel approaches to problems, and had a student who wanted to know how to transpose something by hand. I crafted a transposing wheel for him. After I did so, I realized that it offered a novel (for me) approach to seeing the structure of music, and I added “visualizer” wheels to it.

PDF FILE: Old Transposer / Visualizer

The files were created with Appleworks, and it took me an hour today to find a computer that could run that ancient software and get them into PDF format. Some of the text is cut off on the right side. If there is interest, I may try to create a new and improved version. Note that I released this under a GPL license. Creative commons didn’t exist at the time. If you find this useful, feel free to share it, amend it, or do what you like to it. But do give me credit, and extend the same rights to those you share it with.

(And yes, I realize that I used # and b for sharp and flat… I didn’t have access to a font with the actual symbols when I made this!)