Campion – O deare, that I with thee might live

Song Information

Title: O deare, that I with thee might live

Music: Thomas Campion (1567-1620)

Text: Thomas Campion (1567-1620)

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Song Text

O deare that I with thee might live,
From human trace removed!
Where jealous care might neither grieve,
Yet each dote on their loved.
While fond fear may colour finde, Love’s seldom pleased;
But much like a sick man’s rest, it’s soon diseased.

Why should our mindes not mingle so,
When love and faith is plighted,
That either might the other know,
Alike in all delighted?
Why should frailty breed suspect, when hearts are fixed?
Must all human joys of force with griefe be mixed?

How oft have we ev’n smiled in teares,
Our fond mistrust repenting?
As snow when heav’nly fire appeares,
So melts love’s hate relenting.
Vexed kindnesse soon falls off, and soon returneth:
Such a flame the more you quench, the more it burneth.