New additions in the works

I have been taking a little time to add a few new works and features to the site. You may notice the most visible one, which is an added category for women composers.

I wrote nearly a decade ago about the value of seeking out works by female and minority composers, both because they have been unjustly neglected, and also because it can be a way to discover wonderful music that isn’t well known, for all the wrong reasons.

My goal here is not to create anything like a comprehensive catalog, nor even a carefully curated one, but to make it just a little easier to discover and obtain works by female composers that are in the public domain, and increase their visibility.

I am aided in the ongoing work of this by having been introduced to composers and songs that I hadn’t previously known by some of my industrious students. I will seek out some of those pieces and add them.

I would also like to hear from anyone interested in curating a collection.