Jones – What if I seek for love

Song Information

Title: What if I seek for love

Composer: Robert Jones (c. 1577-1617)

Author: Unknown

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Song Text

What if I seek for love of thee?
Shall I find,
Beauty kind,
to desert that still shall dwell in me?
But if I sue and live forlorn,
then alas never was any wretch
to more misfortune borne.
Though thy looks have charmed mine eyes,
I can forbeare to love,
but if ever sweet desire
set my woeful hart on fire
then can I never remove.

Frowne not on me unless thou hate,
For thy frowne cast me down
To despaire of my most haplesse state:
Smile not on me unless thou love,
For thy smile,
will beguile
my desires if thou unsteadfast prove:
If thou needs wilt bend thy brow,
A while refraine my deare;
But if thou wilt smile on me,
Let it not delayed be;
Comfort is never too near.